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Cutie Madhubani Art done my little artist

Little Artist's Madhubani on handmade paper                                           This is a simple Madhubani art created by my little artist.  I specially enjoy teaching young children, as there is a certain sense of satisfaction of teaching young learners. As it encourages them to create their own little master pieces, and guiding them to sharpen their skills at that young age, and making them believe they ‘can do’ art. A young mind has more capacity to grasp things easily. Practicing is just  being present at that moment with yourself, it brings focus, concentration, serenity, calmness and it also enriches your being. To be skillful at art and creativity would be like an asset.   Art isn’t about being perfect at drawing; it’s about being able to compose a picture in your mind and being able to put it down on the piece of paper in front of you. And that’s exactly what I help my students to do. I’ve put up few of my students art work over here so yo

Edible art

CHOCOLATE ART                            A new passion of creativity I started  is chocolate decoration with my daughter.Trying to experiment wrapping on the chocolate.                                                  The chocolate stems ready All the stems were place in vase to make a perfect valentine gift. With all the valentine mini gift pieces around. feb 2012

3d Quilling

         3d  quilled flowers on candle wraps                        Next to painting I picked up some quilling these are some results of 3d flowers. playing with coloured paper it has different fun. At last I got some time to make them. These are perfect gift for someone special.  Each candle has a differentquilled flower its never the same type I have place fringed flower or carnation in between .  The wraps are also handmade coloured paper done by myself as somtimes I don't get perfect colour combination so I try to do it self.                        

My arte exhibition in times square and festival City

Arte Souq 2007 till date Arte since 2007. Its been 5 yrs growing with it. Started in October, 2007 - Ghazal Mall than moved to Times Square and Festival City. Every 1st Friday of the month in Festival City and second Friday in Times Square. Its been great platform to showcase art and meeting people just wonderful, with good spirit always want to do something which is enthusiastic. Lot of creative energy which is home away home attitude. Art lovers , buyers do come and check out for new paintings . Inspiring me to do create art piece each time.