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Buddha paintings

Tiltle: Meditation Medium : Oil Size : 100*70 cms Title:Sleeping Buddha Commission work Medium: oil painting Size :120* 80 cms I just enjoyed painting Buddha which gives me more peace to my mind brings serenity to my well being.

Jarokha Painting

                                                  Indian Beauty (Sold)                                                Size 40 *60 cms                                                  Medium: Oil This is my first oil painting Indian Beauty. So Scared to start a painting class I remember my first class in DIAC for art. With all the people around I was not sure whether I would be able to paint it Or may be I will ruin the face, The teacher had his own flair of teaching frustrated all the time thinking I just came for time pass. Later on he realised that I want to pursue having art career. He taught me basic sketches than realised I need to work on my sketch portfolio which I had started after school.I put my hours learning by myself. www.parisagar. com                                                      Size 50 *70 cms Rajasthani Beauty always fascinate me so try to bring some emotion on canvas... One of the Indian grace.So worked more on the eyes. May be the somet